Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hi, A lot of things have been going on. I was sick for almost a week. Praise the Lord, most of that is over. We had a very good trip to Ejido Saturday before last. It is always nice to work with the folks at Ejido. Grandpa and I have been doing a lot of work getting ready to go to camp. Spectrum will be taking over one hundred boys to camp the first weekend in May. We have been making a very large pirate ship for the stage. Today we will be taking a load of camp gear down to the dorm. Camp is at Agua Viva in the hills east of Ensenada. Friday was the Evangelism outreach at UCSD. We were working with our friends from Missions Outreach. We had a great band and good food for those stopped by to see what was going on. It is great to partner with others who love the Lord. We went to Tribu de Jesus yesterday to play with the kids. It was a super fun trip. Please pray for Tribu, they have made a lot of improvements to the new place but there is a lot to go. They are having a lot of vehicle issues. It is always a struggle to provide for all of the needs of 80 to 100 kids. They now have water in both buildings and power will soon be working. There are some pictures of the kids at Tribu de Jesus in the photo gallery. There is a young man we call Tocino "Bacon" that works with us. He accepted Christ on Friday at our discipleship meeting. This was a huge blessing. Please pray for him as he grows in Christ. Our suburban is still in the shop please pray that it will be ready and available to go to camp. When the Suburban is done I will be taking my Bronco in for it's motor work. I hope to have it back by June for a fun trip to the Baja 500.
There are a few things that we are looking for. We need costume jewelry for the girls. They like anything that makes them feel pretty. I am looking for deodorant, foot powder and hair gel for the older boys. The kids really appreciate these things. The last weekend in May will be Spirit West Coast. Spectrum will have a booth at this Christian Music Festival. There should be over 20,000 people there. We hope to challenge people for missions. We also have a Tribu trip and a washday trip in May. Wow, a lot is going on. Currently I am working 3.5 days a week with Spectrum. Please join me in prayer that I can add one more day a week this summer. Thanks for all your prayers and support.

In His service Baja Dave

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Well, last week has been a good one. We celebrated the resurrection
of our Lord and Savior. Our Wednesday discipleship group went out to
breakfast together. That was a fun time. We found a cool small
little place on the other side of the hill from the dorm. On
Thursday I traveled with my friends from the Russian Church. Pastor,
David and Erica went down with Grandpa and I to check out the work
and needs at Tribu de Jesus. They will be donating the funds needed
to complete the connection of power to the main building at Tribu.
We met another Russian group from Sacramento who have been doing a
lot of construction work at the Orphanage. We went over to visit
Spectrum at washday in Panamerica. We had a great lunch at the
burrito place on the road to Pana. On Friday Grandpa and I worked on
the Pirate ship for the stage at camp. Saturday was an off day. I
did some computer work preparing for Spirit West Coast and Camp.
Yesterday Grandpa built a sound booth for camp and I did computer
work. I got to spend some time with Aaron's son, Ezekiel, at the end
of the day. Please pray for us as we have a lot to do in preparation
for camp. We have need of a lot of helpers for Saturday, April
10th. If you can come, please call me.