Thursday, November 14, 2013

It has been a very crazy week.  Last weekend we took some young men  from Tijuana to Rancho Santa Veronica for a Junior Leadership Retreat.  Santa Veronica is in the mountains east of Tecate.  We were at about 2,500 feet and Saturday evening the temperature dropped to about 34 degrees.  The theme of the weekend was goal setting and planning.  We had times of teaching, reflection and fun.  The guys participated in group discussions and showed a desire to walk with the Lord.  These young men will be our leaders in the 2014 Timoteos Discipleship Camping Program.  We had a great breakfast at the restaurant in Santa Veronica which all enjoyed.  It was a good time of team building and fun.

Monday was a great day.  Eloy Garcia, one of our Pastors, sent several men to my house and helped us dig out the front yard to facilitate the replacement of our cast iron pipes.  Monday night was good at Bible Club.  Fourteen kids from the Arroyo went in the van to the Bible Club.  They are working on their memory verses and look forward to our bowling trip which is a reward for memorizing all of their memory verses.  The bowling trip will be in December.  

Tuesday and Wednesday were work days in the States.  Thank the Lord for the work He provides for me.

Today my son Ryan and I are traveling south for the Baja 1000.  We will return on Sunday.  We love camping in Mexico and spending some time together.  I love the Baja 1000.  My first Baja 1000 experience was in 1976.  I have been to almost all the 1000's since except when I was away at school.  I had the privilege to work for Honda for many years pitting the motorcycles for the best in the sport.  I am thankful for these trips over the years.  

Mario Andretti said about Baja in the movie "Dust to Glory"  "Every thing goes wrong and works out perfectly".  Sometimes this is how it goes in the wonderful place we love called Baja California.

Bye for now.  I write when we return on Sunday.  

Please pray for a young man named Angel for his salvation and for the family of Vanessa as the are all sick.


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